by Zach Rich

Smart Ways To Control Your Home From Your Smartphone

With a smartphone’s increasing popularity, it is no wonder that there are ways in which you can use your smartphone to virtually manage all electrically/battery powered appliances in your house. The beauty of it all lies in the fact that your physical presence is not required. You may be miles away, but still manage to run things inside your house!

Home automation is a fairly new concept which involves the complete rewiring of your home in order to give you the opportunity to control everything such as indoor lighting, the coffee maker, the home entertainment system and much more, all at the touch of the button. It is highly favored among most homeowners because it saves you the trouble of having to move up and about switching on lights, making yourself a cup of coffee or having to walk over to the television system to turn it on. You now have the chance to do all this by simply touching a button; on your smartphone. The following is a list of 3 devices that help you control your home from your smartphone

The home entertainment system

Entertainment has never been more enjoyable. You can choose what to watch or listen to by simply keying in a series of commands on your smartphone and your entertainment system will promptly respond. Most home entertainment systems come with a HDMI function. You can connect your smartphone to your home entertainment system using the HDMI cable and use your television to browse the internet, read your emails, listen to music and watch entertaining movies. When connected to the entertainment system, all your phone’s features are transferred to the television screen. What you see on the screen of your phone is exactly the same as what you see on the television screen. In effect, you can download music and movies using your smartphone, connect it to your home entertainment system and enjoy picture perfect entertainment. Smartphones come with a high definition (HD) screen as does your flat screen television. Therefore, when the two are connected, the resulting clarity is amazing.

way to control your home

way to control your home

Home security system

Most home security systems consist of state-of-the-art motion sensors and alarm/smoke detectors. When paired with your smartphone, you receive real time images of your property; so even when you are away on vacation or business, you can still keep a watchful eye on things. When triggered the motion sensors immediately notify you of the unauthorized entry giving you ample time to respond. At times it may be the neighborhood cat which triggered the motion sensors, certainly no cause for panic. This gives you the chance to reset the alarm before the security company arrives only to find that it was a false alarm. In the event that an actual burglary takes place, the motion sensors send images of the intruders to your smartphone, giving you all the evidence you need to put the burglars in jail for a very long time! The alarm system as well as the smoke detector system can be linked to the overall security system and in the event that either one of them goes off, you are immediately notified by your smartphone and you can react accordingly by calling the police or the fire department.

Coffee maker

Say goodbye to having to wake up early in the morning to fix yourself a cup of coffee. Using suitable applications and modern technology, your coffee maker can be programed to make coffee at certain times, giving you the thrill of waking up to a hot and steaming cup of coffee, exactly what you need to get you started for the day!.

How To Control Your Computer

How To Control Your Computer

3 Things To Do Before Going On First Date

First dates have a very strange stigma attached to it. And why not?! If you’d ask around, not many have quite a good experience on their first dates. But the experience is really not that bad. If you are the kind of person who wants to meet a lot of people regardless of how you meet them, a first date should be treated as a great opportunity to do just that. For a lady or a man trying to find a more serious relationship, a first date is still well worth a try.

So in a nutshell, what are the 3 things you need to do in order to have a positive mindset before going on your first date?

1. Try not to expect too much from your would-be date and the date itself. No two persons are alike; therefore, you simply cannot expect your date to act according to your expectations. Likewise, you don’t want to be expected of something grand as well. Too much expectation puts too much pressure on each other, leaving you both in an awkward situation. When there is pressure, one cannot act freely and spontaneously and you end up putting on a show instead. Meet your date like you’d casually meet a long lost friend – with enthusiasm. If you start in this mindset, the rest of the night will be as exciting as can be.

Bowling is another first date

Bowling is another first date

2. Take interest on the person. Maybe the real reason why majority of first dates fail is because not one person in the date is genuinely interested with each other. A lot of times the interest is very superficial, very physical. We all know physical attraction may open the door for a nice relationship, but we all know too that physical attraction wears off. What really last is the intellectual stimulation and the kindness of the person to another. When you look beyond the physical, you’ll have no choice but see the other side of that person you’re with. And that other side of him or her may be just what you were looking for all along.

3. Just enjoy the moment! Have you heard of the saying that we enjoy, or dislike, a situation based on our own reactions? That’s right! It takes maturity of the mind to accept any blunder of a situation and find the funny side of it, first date included. It doesn’t really matter if your date or the date is not perfect. Just go with the flow. After all, the night will still end whether you like it or not. Even if the date wasn’t perfect, by being accepting of the situation you still gain a friend. Isn’t that still worth a night of casual fun?

Beautiful Things To Do To Nails On a First Date !

Beautiful Things To Do To Nails On a First Date !

First dates are supposed to be fun. Take out the pressure and you’ll sure to enjoy it no matter what the outcome. Good luck!

How To Make A Striking Resume: 3 Tips To Make Your Resume Irresistible

In applying for a job, your resume is your representative. It is the main key that may qualify you for the interview and may even grant you a job. With hundreds of equally qualified candidates out there aspiring for the same job as you, it is important to make your resume as compelling and powerful as possible.

Here are 3 tips on how to make a striking and irresistible resume.

1. Substance over style – Though a stylish resume has its advantages, you need to bear in mind that the most important part of a resume is the content not the design. Choose a simple yet attractive design and focus more on your resume content. Here are ways to make your resume content striking and powerful.

  • Use of keywords - Companies, especially big ones, often use automated software to scan resumes before a real person looks at it. So be sure that your resume addresses all the requirements for the job as found on the job description if you don’t want it to be ditched by a machine.

    Develop your resume and your

    Develop your resume and your

  • Error free – An errorless resume proves how particular you are with details and how careful you are with your work. Finding even a single error in your resume could be your path to saying goodbye to that job. TIP – Have a second person check your resume for errors. Go to someone whom you trust fully and also take the advantage to ask for suggestions regarding your resume. Two minds are better than one as they say.

2. Highlight your experiences – Above all the other parts of your resume, the experience section is one of the parts that interests an employer the most. Cut all the flowery stuff and get straight to the point because employers are trained to see past all these. Keep your words plain and simple to understand because nobody would want to be reading a novel-like piece that is hard to understand. Get your message across in a plain and simple manner. Never forget to indicate what you have accomplished. An employer would want to know what it is that you have achieved and what it is that you have learned.

3. Write a striking summary – Many job hunters fail to understand the importance of a summary. To see this, let us put ourselves in the position of the employer. If you were the employer, you would be a very busy person with lots of other waiting to be done for the day and you wouldn’t want to be spending the entire day browsing through page long resumes just to find for the perfect man for the job. So while you scan the stack of paper and find one that offers you the convenience of a brief and concise summary, wouldn’t it be very attractive for you? What if all the resumes have a summary? If the summary is a piece of junk the employer definitely wouldn’t bother checking the rest of your resume. But if he was fascinated by the summary, he would be interested enough to take a look at the rest. It is that simple. Make your summary short and concise and put it at the topmost portion of the resume just below you name and title.

tips to making your resume

tips to making your resume

This is your one time chance to get that job, grab it and give it your best shot. With a striking and irresistible resume, your dream job is within your grasp.

3 Tech Stocks You Should Be Investing In 2013

The technology sector had a plump 2012. Let us determine whether or not the same fortune awaits the technology sector for the fiscal year 2013. When you try to look at the sectors which held the top holdings you’ll find that internet-related and technology companies occupy majority of the slate. However, it’s not a guarantee that those tech sectors which emerged with top holdings in 2012 would also come on top of the list this year. If you have plans investing on tech stocks, you’ll perhaps find this write up of benefit as this will discuss some of the stocks which would make it big in 2013.


For many years, Facebook has been widely embraced by its global subscribers. Nonetheless, it is but inevitable that you’ll have qualms whether or not this will remain a top holder. Financial analysts have disclosed that Facebook could have an “either/or” (as they call it) 2013. The Zuckerberg Company could make it big in stocks for the first half of the year or this could plunge at the remaining half. Company representatives, however, stated that they’re doing utterly great so far and as a matter of fact they are already pursuing on buying any company that’s of interest to them. Basing on this, Facebook can be considered one of the technology stocks that you should keep an eye on for 2013.

Facebook investor Jim Breyer

Facebook investor Jim Breyer


It is indubitable that Apple is among the tech sector which has the highest holdings in 2012 and even to date. In 2011, Apple had a hefty 57% growth rate. Now this figure is undoubtedly attractive for any investor. However, it may not be sunny every day for Apple. There are also days which they went limping on their stocks. It’s just that they’re so pliant to easily come back on top. The decline is due to the advent of other brand of smart phones. Yet, Apple still manages to be among the technology stocks that you watch out this year.




You might think that investing on Yahoo is not quite a good deal. Nevertheless, Yahoo proves it that they still do matter as manifested by a massive spurt of $19 from a meager $14. Yahoo also revealed that this happened because of the 24% stake coming from Alibaba, an Asian e-commerce giant which is foreseen to outshine Amazon in the years to come. So, do not undervalue Yahoo because after all, this still has the power to shine and you can hitch your wagon to it.

Indeed, investing on technology stocks is a trend. While this is still selling like hot pancakes, you better start your outlay and have a sweet taste of its success.

3 Leg Workouts That Will Make You Strong

There are no two ways about it. Just like the rest of your body, you need to take extreme care of your legs. If it starts to grow weak, you would have an awful hard time functioning, and getting from one place to another. Your legs take you upstairs and downstairs, helping you maneuver through rough terrain and crowded places. At any age, you have to make sure that all parts of your legs are in tip-top shape, because it would emanate through the rest of your body. This is why today, we are here to teach you three of the best leg exercises which can help give you more power to carry on your everyday activities. Keep on reading to find out what they are.


What’s great about lunges is that it works all your leg muscles, including the quads, the calves, and the glutes, in just one simple, yet steady move. A lot of people find it an extreme challenge to do, let alone make a set of repetitions on a daily basis. But the good news is once you get the hang of it, you will really feel the difference in your legs. So get off of your bum and follow these simple instructions!

Stand up straight, with your legs at least a shoulder or a hip apart. With your right foot, take a gargantuan step forward, keeping your hands planted firmly on your hips for control and balance. Lower your body down until your right knee is bent at a ninety degree angle. It should still be positioned behind your toes, as the other leg is lowered to the floor.

Return to your original position. This time, do it on the left foot. Do at least eight to twelve repetitions for three to four sets. Gradually increase the number of lunges you do per set, until you no longer feel the burn. You may also hold dumbbells for weight increase.


The squat is a great workout for both the lower and the upper body. The targeted parts are the hamstrings, the thighs and the buttocks, but it is also a good exercise for the lower back. What you need to do first is to plant both your feet firmly to the floor, at least shoulder-width apart. The toes should be pointing slightly outward.

Then, slowly bend both knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Push from your heels and return to your original position. Repeat eight to twelve times for three to four sets.

Squats Are deep squats safe?

Squats Are deep squats safe?

Heel Raises

Not only do heel raises feel good, they can also be subtly done in public places without anybody noticing. It’s a good exercise for the calf muscles which is often a problem for a lot of individuals. The good news is that calves tend to get in shape faster than most muscles, so you can bet that it will be strengthened a lot quicker too.

Again, stand with your feet apart, just like in the first two exercises we have shown you, with your hands on either side of your hips. Raise your body on tiptoes for five to ten seconds. Slowly lower it down until your feet are flat on the floor once more. Repeat this at least forty times, for three sets.

Standing heel raises 1 leg at

Standing heel raises 1 leg at

There are dozens of other leg workouts which you can do in order to strengthen your whole body, but starting with these three can yield fast, positive results when done regularly. Good luck and cheers to your health!